24-hour blood pressure

Spirare complete for health care professionals

Spirare complete is one single system for ABPM, ECG and spirometry. The platform is developed in Norway.  We believe a close cooperation between medical doctors and IT developers is the best way of making a system doctors love to use.  Improving workflow by automation is one of Spirare's most important advantages. Useful tools and  grafic aids will make test assessment the highlight of your day. 


Spirare offers a clean display of today's consultation. And what more, a first-class overview of the patient's lung function over time.


Spirare provides 12-lead ECG of high quality, complete with comparizon tools. Advisory interpretation from the University of Glasgow is included.


24h registration is recommended in diagnostics of hypertension. Spirare is focused on automation, and many little details saves you for mouse-clicking.

Why Spirare?

Spirare is an intelligent system which is made to save time. When developeing Spirare we ask ourselves, can it be done simpler?

There are many advantages by choosing Spirare in particular. These are some of them:


Electronic Health Records

Spirare can be integrated with classic EHR-solutions or be used stand alone. Together with Pridok we have developed a prime solution for 100 % web-based EHRs, which others can use. Spirare is always ready and welcomes new projects with EHRs!


When using Spirare first time adaptation and support at use is included. We are comitted to making Spirare function well for all of our customers, and thus we are never far away.


When you have Spirare already, it's plug'n play when you are ready to expand with more equipment. Spirare supports Citrix, RPD, and SQL.



Spirare is continuously developed and the most important news of the spirometry module are age-adjusted advisory interpretation, and in the response report, the values that make up the basis for diagnostic definitions are indicated in blue color.

 Spirare is the best choice for simple spirometry. 



Spirare ECG provides 12 leads of very high quality. It is so agile, click on the heart-button, and then save, and the recording is immediatly available for the doctor . Here you can zoom, use the digital measuretool, and compare with previous ECG recordings. 

The utilities include ready measured parameters and automatic interpretation. 


24-hour blood pressure 

When designing the user experience in Spirare software,  we have emphasized automation. Little details saves you for clicks.  Example given, the device time is set by the PC-clock when you transfer the measure-protocol.  When you download the recordings for a patient, the device memory is prepared for the next.

There is a large need for 24hour registreation of blood pressure and it is recommended in investigation of hypertension.  The device is delivered with two sets with batteries and might be sent home with a new patient each day.Consider multiple appliances if your clinic has a patient queue.

Spirare can be purchased through distributors only